Friday, September 23, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 2, Episode 9

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Overall Rating:  Excellent

In “Children of the Gods,” Daniel tells the Abydonians to bury their stargate for one year.  Daniel says he will return to the planet, with Sha’re, on that day.  It has been one Abydonian year, but Daniel has not found Sha’re.  He still wants to return to Abydos to let Sha’re’s father, Kasuf, know what has happened.  On the same day, a United States Air Force Air Medal award ceremony is held to honor O’Neill, and Carter, for their success in saving Earth from Apophis (“The Serpent’s Lair”).  The ceremony cannot be rescheduled, so only Daniel and Teal’c go to Abydos.  They find Sha’re living with her father.  Sha’re is, for the time being, able to exercise her free will despite there still being a Goa'uld in her.  Daniel faces a heartbreaking decision about Sha’re, unaware of two powerful Goa’ulds heading to Abydos, each interested in finding Sha’re.

O’Neill and Carter head to Washington, D. C. for the ceremony.  O’Neill meets Carter’s father, United States Air Force General Jacob Carter at a reception before the ceremony.  Jacob pulled some strings to get Sam a chance at going into space with NASA.  She cannot tell her father about the stargate program, and relationship issues from their past sully their reunion.  Sam is not the only Carter keeping secrets, as Jacob has one of his own.  Later, O’Neill is approached by a reporter who knows about the stargate program, and intends to write a story about it.  There is a security breach, exposing the top-secret program.

Both story lines are well written, with strong performances.  There is a lot going on in this episode, but each aspect is well covered.  Erick Avari returns as the wise, caring, and pragmatic Kasuf.  Vaitiare Bandera returns as Sha’re.  She does a convincing job of conveying Sha’re’s hurt, shame, and anger about being a vessel for the Goa’uld Amonet.  Teal’c is the only SG-1 member to not have a story line in this episode, but that does not stop Chris Judge from giving a great performance.  Chris Owens is good as Armin Selig, the reporter.


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