Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 2, Episode 16

"A Matter of Time"
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Overall Rating:  Very Good

On Earth, the stargate activates and SGC receives SG-10’s signal, but the team never comes through the stargate.  The wormhole shuts down.  Dialing up the planet SG-10 gated to, SGC discovers the problem -- SG-10 is on a planet that is on its way to being pulled into a black hole.  Stargate Command can do nothing to save them.  General Hammond orders the stargate’s wormhole shut off.  The stargate will not shut off.  Worse, the pull of the black hole is coming through the stargate on Earth.  If the wormhole cannot be disengaged, Stargate Command, Colorado, and eventually Earth, will be crushed and sucked through the stargate by the black hole.

A firm grounding in physics is not required to enjoy, and understand, this episode.  Although, it would help in understanding some of Carter’s exposition before it is translated into something almost everyone who is not Carter can understand.

This episode explores another “what can go wrong” stargate usage scenario.  I like that big problems periodically arise.  I think this helps to keep the series from sliding into staleness.

16th episode broadcast.
15th episode in the DVD set.

The blood sacrifice in the episode is pointless.  It adds nothing to the story.  The character could easily been allowed to live.

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