Monday, September 26, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 2, Episode 11

"The Tok'ra: Part One"
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Overall Rating:  Very Good

In the Line of Duty” is the episode when the Goa’uld symbiote named Jolinar takes over Carter’s body.  The symbiote declared itself a member of a group that is an enemy of the Goa’uld -- the Tok’ra.  Since Jolinar’s death, Carter occasionally remembers things the symbiote experienced.  One of Jolinar’s memories involves dialing a particular stargate address, a possible location of the Tok’ra.  SG-1 gates to the planet, searching for the Tok’ra, in hopes of forming an alliance with them.  The team finds the Tok’ra, and have an initial meeting rife with mistrust.  One of the Tok’ra is very interested in Carter’s experience with Jolinar.

A fragile, superficial trust develops between SG-1 and the Tok'ra.  Despite having the same goal -- defeating the Goa'uld -- SG-1’s effort to form an alliance with the Tok’ra is at an impasse.  What the Tok’ra most desire from the Taur'i is unlikely to be fulfilled.  What SG-1 most desires from the Tok'ra is unlikely to be offered.  The possibility of allying with the Tok’ra is imperiled, and SG-1 becomes prisoners of the Tok'ra.  Diplomacy is not for the faint-hearted.

Back on Earth, Sam's father Jacob is succumbing to the cancer he told Sam about in “Secrets.”  Jacob is unaware of the stargate, and Sam’s place in the stargate program.  Sam, trapped off world, is unaware of how close her father is to death.

Carmen Argenziano returns as Jacob Carter.  Sarah Douglas is great as the Tok’ra Garshaw, and the human host, Yosuuf.  As Garshaw, Ms. Douglas is strong, regal, and intelligent.  This episode is heavy with exposition and light on action.  The non-combative introduction of a new alien race necessitates a lot of talking between the characters.  The premise, dialog, and the actors’ performances, keep the episode moving at a good pace without forgetting to be entertaining.

Nothing jarring.

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