Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 2, Episode 5

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Overall Rating: Good

SG-1 is on a planet covertly observing Jaffa warriors and priests sending naquadah through the stargate.  Scientists, and the military, are jonesing for more naquadah, as it is not found on Earth, nor on every planet visited by an SG team.  Finding a planet with the mineral is a bonus.  A cloaked figure separates from the Jaffa group, and heads towards a cliff edge not far from where SG-1 is hidden.  As the individual intentionally tries to fall off the cliff, Daniel leaps up, and saves them from falling.  The cloaked figure is a woman.  The Jaffa, attracted by the disturbance, surround SG-1.  Daniel has just rescued a princess.

No one is appreciative of Daniel’s rescue effort.  O’Neill is furious that Daniel exposed the team.  The Jaffa think Daniel attacked the princess.  The princess is not saying anything.  SG-1 gets first hand experience mining naquadah when they are taken prisoner, and forced to work in a mine.  A failed escape attempt leaves Daniel badly injured.  No worries.  The people on the planet have a Goa’uld sarcophagus, and the princess uses it to heal Daniel, but not out of the goodness of her heart.  Turns out the princess is a Machiavellian tart who wants to make royal babies with Daniel.  Daniel, apparently having left his good sense on a shelf at the SGC, strings the princess along, intending to free the rest of SG-1 from the mines, and secure mining rights for Earth.  Not surprisingly, Daniel’s plan does not work out, and O’Neill, Carter, and Teal’c languish in an underground death trap while Daniel plays footsie with the Princess Shyla.

Heather Hanson as Princess Shyla is, surprisingly, a dragging weight in this episode.  Not Ms. Hanson’s best performance, as Shyla comes across as being sort of dim, and too weak willed, to successfully accomplish her goal of snagging Daniel.  Combined with Daniel’s inexplicable choices, the result is continually questioning why her plan succeeded.  Despite all this, the episode is just this side of good.  Michael Shanks delivers an excellent performance.  The regular cast members are good in their rolls.  Anderson is wonderful as a justifiably irate O’Neill.

The make-up department did an admirable job on styling the imprisoned O’Neill, Carter, and Teal’c.  Dirty, dusty, and disheveled.  Even Carter’s hair was dust colored.  Nicely done.

Considering that finding his Goa’uld infested wife, Sha’re, is the motivation for Daniel being part of SG-1, he certainly disregards his marital status easily, and quickly.  Also, Daniel is usually the one who is all about establishing relationships with people met through the stargate on truth.  However, not in this episode.

No rescue is sent for SG-1 because Daniel maintains radio contact with SGC.  I don’t buy General Hammond going days without demanding to speak with O’Neill.

I don't see how SG-1 gated to the planet without being seen by the inhabitants.  The people on the planet know the stargate is a potential source of a Goa’uld threat, yet they don’t maintain a sentry to watch the stargate?  Sketchy.

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