Friday, September 23, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 2, Episode 8

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Overall Rating:  Excellent

SGC receives an unexpected guest traveling through the stargate -- Master Bra’tac.  He brings news that Apophis is alive, and has taken Teal’c’s son, Ry’ac.  SG-1 heads to Chulak, Teal’c’s home planet, to rescue Ry’ac.  They discover that Teal’c’s wife, Drey’auc, has re-married, to one of Teal’c’s good friends, Fro’tak.  Apophis is playing father to his son.  Fro’tak is playing house with his wife.  Teal’c is not happy, and anger clouds his judgment.  The rest of the SG-1 team helps Teal’c get his son back, while trying to assuage Teal'c's anger before it results in an action that will destroy human life on Earth.

Normally, I am not fond of soap opera in my space opera.  However, this episode nicely grounds the characters emotional upheaval in the pragmatic, with minimal diva drama.  Stargate SG-1 is good at using the same actor to portray a character.  The rare exception has Brook Parker as Drey’auc in this episode.  Salli Richardson-Whitfield was Drey’auc in “Bloodlines.”  Ms. Parker is very good as the wife left behind by Teal’c, doing her best to secure her son’s immediate future.  She is strong when dealing with Teal’c, and regretful about marrying Fro’tak out of necessity rather than love, but unapologetic about her decision.  Neil Denis returns as Ry’ac.  Young Mr. Denis excels as a furious child manipulated by Apophis.  Peter Williams appears as my favorite villainous Goa’uld, Apophis.

The writers gave Apophis a devastating biological weapon.  Bad move.  If Apophis had such a weapon, he could send a single ship to Earth, release the weapon, and poof! No more Earth humans.  Never give a series’ villain too powerful a weapon.  Makes the viewers wonder why he doesn't just use it (except that would then end the series).

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