Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 1, Episode 7

"The Nox"
images used above are courtesy of Gateworld and MGM

Overall Rating: Good

The political administration is not happy with the lack of technological discoveries made by the stargate missions.  Keeping Stargate Command functioning is not cheap, and politicians who know about the stargate program want more concrete results, which is politic-speak for advanced weaponry.

Teal’c suggests a planet that may provide what the administration wants, a planet visited by the Goa’uld in search of true stealth -- a creature capable of invisibility.  SG-1 heads to the planet, and while searching for the creature, they run into a group of Goa’uld, who are hunting for the same creature.  SG-1 decides to capture a Goa’uld, and take him back to Stargate Command for interrogation.

In addition to the invisible flying critter, the planet has humanoid inhabitants, the Nox.  They are truly humanoid, not humans taken from Earth by the Goa’uld.  The Goa'uld never knew the secretive Nox existed. The Nox stay in huts in the forest, with no clear means -- nor any apparent inclination -- to defend themselves.  SG-1’s initial attempt to capture a Goa'uld fails, leading to the Goa’uld learning of the existence of the Nox.  SG-1 strives to protect the Nox from the Goa’uld, while trying to solve some mysterious occurrences on the planet.

This episode has some interesting moments, and characters.  The story’s pace is slow at the beginning, with its bucolic setting, and the pondering of mysterious events.  Not a total thrill ride, but an interesting episode.

7th episode broadcast.
12th episode in the DVD set.

One of the Goa’uld’s audio dialog is not on the English audio track.  It is on the French and Spanish audio tracks.  The missing English dialog can be read using the close caption option.  Fortunately, that character doesn’t say much.  Quality control rating for this flub: epic fail.

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