Monday, August 8, 2011

SG-1, Season One DVD Set - Content

I will rate each season’s DVD set before reviewing the season’s individual episodes.  My rating in this post solely reflects the DVD content, options, & extras (or lack thereof), not episodes.

Overall Rating for the Set: Poor
No commentaries, and no "play all" option.  The episodes are not in broadcast order.  The episode, "The Nox" is missing English audio for one of the characters.  No English subtitles.

This is a five disc set, with 21 episodes.  The pilot episode, “Children of the Gods” is 1 hour 36 minutes long.  All other episodes are 44 minutes long.  A re-edited version of “Children of the Gods” was released on disc in 2009.  The version of the episode in this set is the original.  (see *note below)

All episodes are widescreen, anamorphic 1.78:1.

Sound: 5.1 Dolby Surround for English; Dolby Surround for French, and Spanish.

The set is not rated, except for "Children of the Gods" which is rated "R".  The special features are unrated.

Audio languages on the set are: English, Spanish, and French.  There are subtitles in Spanish, and French.  Although there are not English subtitles, the discs are close captioned.  You can use the close caption option on your television to view.  The special features are not closed captioned.

Watch disc one as soon as you load it into your DVD player.  A voice says, “Enter the stargate.”  You will see a stargate on screen.  When you press “play,” the onscreen stargate activates, and shows a “ka-woosh” effect.  Very cool.

There is not a “play all” option.  Episodes have to be accessed, and viewed, one at a time.

There are no commentaries on any of the episodes.  However, there are featurettes:

Disc 2:  “Cast and Crew”
Disc 3:  “Profile on General Hammond”
Disc 4:  “Profile on Captain Carter”
Disc 4:  Behind-the-scenes with the Producers of Stargate SG-1
Disc 5:  “Costume Design”

*Note:    My limited understanding of the rationale for re-editing, and re-issuing, the pilot episode was producer unhappiness due primarily to a brief nude scene, the only nude scene in any episode of Stargate SG-1.  The scene is very brief, and not lascivious.  Stargate SG-1 began on the premium channel Showtime, although I have no idea if this was a factor in the nudity.  Don't start rumors.  Personally, the nudity didn't surprise me as much as how easily the character's intricate outfit snapped off in one move.  That puppy popped right off.  Dang ...

The stand alone, re-edited episode is available on DVD, and digital download, as "Children of the Gods - Final Cut".  At a run time of 92 minutes, compared to 96 minutes for the original, more than just the nude scene was cut, although additional scenes were added.  I don't own the disc, but I read that it has commentary, trailers, and a featurette.  I adore Stargate SG-1, but nothing short of the disc being delivered to me by Richard Dean Anderson is going to get me to cough up $14.98 (less, if it's on sale) for one episode.

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