Monday, August 22, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 1, Episode 13

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Overall Rating: Poor

A sarcophagus etched with Egyptian hieroglyphics is found in a Mayan temple.  Hathor, Egyptian goddess, arises.  Somehow, with only an eye-catching outfit, and an attitude, Hathor makes her way from Mexico to Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado -- the location of the stargate -- in a remarkably short time.  Upon learning that Ra, her father/husband/jailer, is dead, Hathor begins to build a new empire on Earth, beginning with the SGC.

Suanne Braun does a good job portraying Hathor.  Every actor has a respectable performance.  However, the performances cannot overcome the writing, and the story is what makes this episode terrible.  It is a misogynistic mess.  The writers seem to have two points they want to get across.  First, women are pheromone factories who bend poor, helpless men to their will.  Second, women, no matter how intelligent and successful, play the vixen card to bend poor, helpless men to their will.  The writers do present a moment of whining, which I think is their view of female empowerment.

The entire episode takes place at SGC, except for the brief time at the Mayan temple.  I am usually disappointed when there is not any off world, stargate travel, although I realize that such episodes are money savers when it comes to production costs.  No matter.  Off world travel would not have helped this episode.

The first season of a series is a testing ground, to explore possibilities and lay the foundation for the series’ future.  What I like about this episode is it demonstrates the wisdom of Stargate SG-1’s creative team.  They wisely disregarded virtually every idea presented in “Hathor” when creating future episodes.

13th episode broadcast.
13th episode in the DVD set.

There is one point that is relevant in future episodes.  Mostly, there is non-canon balderdash woven around enormous plot holes.  All with a plethora of cringe-worthy moments.

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