Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 1, Episode 6

"Cold Lazarus"
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Overall Rating: Fair

SG-1 discovers numerous shattered crystals on a planet.  O’Neill is knocked unconscious by a blast from a large, relatively undamaged, crystal.  The crystals are an intelligent life form.  They are capable of manipulating energy, can take human form, and can read human thoughts.  Yet, the crystals are essentially defenseless and … and … oh, it doesn’t matter.  It’s all a plot device for the real story -- Jack O’Neill’s unresolved issues connected to the death of his son, Charlie.

We first met Jack in the movie Stargate, sitting in his dead son’s room.  He is distraught, and holding a handgun, apparently on the verge of committing suicide.  The events in Stargate, and Stargate SG-1, moved Jack out of that dark place.  However, the death of a child is not lightly brushed off.  This episode reveals the inner turmoil, and anguish, buried in Jack’s heart over Charlie's death.

The episode isn’t mired in maudlinism.  Since an alien crystal entity mimicking Jack is expressing the emotions, there isn’t a disconnect from the Jack O’Neill persona established, so far, in the series.  This is primarily a character driven episode, with a smattering of action.

6th episode broadcast.
7th episode in the DVD set.

The rationale for the crystal impersonating Jack is kind of creaky.  Also, for being poor, defenseless life forms, those crystals exhibit some powerful abilities.

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