Friday, October 7, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 3, Episode 2

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Overall Rating:  Good

Jacob Carter/Selmak (“The Tok’ra, Part 2”) journeys to Stargate Command, requesting help on behalf of the Tok’ra.  While tracking the upper echelon of the Goa’uld System Lords -- the most powerful of the Goa’uld -- the Tok’ra determine that one System Lord’s last known location is Earth.  The missing System Lord is Setesh; a.k.a. Set; a.k.a. (wait for it …) Seth.  In ancient times, Seth got on everyone’s bad side.  Ra, the other System Lords, and the Tok’ra, all wanted Seth dead.  He went underground to escape.  At that time, the one stargate known to be on Earth was inaccessible.  Seth was stuck on Earth.

There are over six billion possible human hosts where Seth can hide on Earth, making finding his location impossible.  Until Jackson pulls a rabbit out of his hat.  Goa’uld like posing as deities, so Seth is probably using religion as a method to gain followers.  Presto!  Jackson tracks a three thousand year old trail of cults, all tied to Seth.  For someone in hiding, Seth is remarkably easy to find.  SG-1 heads out to capture, or kill, Seth.  The current cult is in the United States, heavily armed, and dug in at a fortified location, triggering an ATF investigation.  SG-1 must take down a powerful Goa’uld, without alerting anyone to the alien presence of Seth, Jacob/Selmak, or Teal’c.

The basic premise of a Goa’uld System Lord hiding in plain sight on Earth is okay.  The acting keeps the episode from stinking, and sinking.  The brightest spot is when Teal'c tells a Jaffa joke.  There is a sub-plot about fathers and sons involving Jacob, and a man whose son is in Seth’s cult.  An entertaining, but ultimately forgettable, episode. 

After three thousand years Seth’s power bid involved 50 disenchanted, then Goa’uld enchanted, people.  How did this guy ever get to be a major System Lord?  As far as he knows, Earth doesn’t have a stargate, and is of no interest to other Goa’ulds.  Why didn’t Seth infest someone with more power?

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