Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 3, Episode 17

"A Hundred Days"
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Overall Rating:  Fair

SG-1 is on the planet Edora negotiating a treaty for naquadah mining rights.  The people of Edora are human, snatched from Earth by some Goa’uld a long time ago.  They have an agrarian society, with a technology level reminiscent of the mid-1800s.  A meteor knocks over the stargate, and leaves it buried under tons of rubble.  All of the team, and many Edorans, escaped back to Earth before the meteor hit, except O’Neill, and a few Edorans, including a woman named Laira (who is crushing hard on O’Neill).  Stargate Command redials the Edoran address, and sends a MALP through.  The MALP is unable to fully re-integrate on Edora, so no rescue can be sent for O’Neill.  None of Earth’s star-faring allies can send a ship to Edora for quite some time.  Unwilling to give up, Carter begins to work on a way to safely get through the gate to Edora.

Back on Edora, O’Neill is reluctant to accept that he may never return to Earth.  Laira spends a lot of time, and energy, trying to convince O’Neill to forget about Earth, and go native.  Laira’s attempts to get O’Neill to integrate with the remnants of Edoran society are creepy because she's way too satisfied that O’Neill is stuck on the planet with her.  Light-years from home, and any chance of getting a restraining order against Laira, O’Neill gradually accepts his lot.  Their relationship evolves during the passing months, taking on a vibe similar to the movie Witness.

Most of the episode involves Carter working on a solution, and Laira working on O'Neill.

This is a banner episode for Jack/Sam ‘shippers, as it is the first time Carter implies more than just teammate camaraderie-type of feelings for O’Neill.  Thus begins years of romantic speculation for something that goes against Air Force regulations if it is ever consummated.

How is it that a naquadah rich planet is no longer on the Goa’uld’s radar?  The Goa’uld use naquadah.  They will abandon a planet, and the people they kidnapped, but not when there is still something of value available, like naquadah.

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