Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 3, Episode 11

"Past and Present"
images used above are courtesy of Gateworld and MGM

Overall Rating:  Excellent

SG-1 gates to the planet Vius, which is populated by humans.  Their society is comparable to the industrial early twentieth century United States.  The population is recovering from a disaster.  Everyone has amnesia.  The amnesia-inducing event, referred to as the Vorlix, happened about one year ago.  Adding to the oddness, there are no children or elderly.  SG-1 meets the post-Vorlix leader, Ke’ra.  She is working to hold her society together, and appreciates any help Earth can provide.  Researching Vius’ recent past the team discovers that shortly before the Vorlix Vius had a visitor from the stargate, that grande dame of sociopathic mass murderers, Lynnea (“Prisoners”).  SG-1 is convinced Lynnea caused the Vorlix.  Since they broke her out of prison, SG-1 feels responsible for the damage done to Vius society, and with SGC, commits to finding a cure for the amnesia.

Ke’ra, and two other people from Vius, go to SGC for medical testing.  The amnesia is not contagious, and the necessary medical and lab equipment is on Earth.  Ke’ra works with Dr. Frazier and Carter in developing a cure.  If found, the cure will help the people of Vius, however, it may also cause the deaths of many others in the galaxy.

An interesting episode, with nary a Goa'uld in sight.  Megan Leitch is Ke’ra, and steals almost every scene she is in.  Fans of the show Monk may recognize Jason Gray-Stanford as Orner.  The regular cast is good, but not outstanding.  The outdoor views of Vius are very well done, with churning smoke coming out of chimneys, and a steampunk flying machine seen in the air during some shots.  Kudos to the art, costume, set, and production design departments.

Although Sha’re was just killed in the previous episode, Daniel is in flirty-boy mode with Ke’ra.  Sha’re’s abduction was why Daniel wanted to join SG-1, and travel the galaxy.  Saving her was his reason for being.  Daniel macking on Ke’ra so soon after becoming a widower is creepy, and makes Daniel an unsympathetic, and rather unlikable character in this episode.

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