Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 3, Episode 10

"Forever in a Day"
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Overall Rating:  Excellent

Daniel finally finds Sha’re.  She is on a planet with a large contingent of Jaffa guards, and still infested with the Goa’uld, Amonet (“Children of the Gods”).  Sha’re’s father Kasuf, and some other Abydonians, are prisoners.  Amonet took her son -- the human child whose father is Apophis (“Secrets”) -- back from Kasuf.  As the offspring of two Goa’uld infested hosts, the child is Harcesis, meaning born with all the knowledge of the Goa’uld.  Apophis intended to use the child as a new host.  The Goa’uld System Lords will destroy any Harcesis child they find.

SG-1, and other SG teams, battle the Jaffa, and free the Abydonians.  Daniel sees Sha’re/Amonet at a distance, near a tent, and runs to her.  Daniel confronts Sha’re/Amonet in the tent, and demands to know the location of the Harcesis child.  Not surprisingly, Amonet does not comply with Daniel’s demand, and tries to kill him using a Goa’uld ribbon device.  Amonet is killing Daniel slowly because, well, she is a Goa’uld and they are all about the torture, not so keen on the quick death.  Teal’c enters the tent, and kills Sha’re/Amonet.  Daniel awakens in the SGC infirmary.  He learns of Sha’re’s death.  Grieving, and angry with Teal’c, Daniel quits the SGC.  Or, does he?

Daniel alternates between experiencing a life where Sha’re is dead; a life where she is alive and Goa’uld-free; and a life where he is still dying by Amonet's hand.  His experiences flow from one to the other, each seeming very real.  Daniel lives through the events, until the true situation is revealed.

A well-written episode, with many unexpected twists.  Vaitiare Bandera returns as Sha’re/Amonet, providing an excellent performance, switching between the cruel Amonet, and the loving Sha’re.  The entire cast is in great form.  The viewer is right there with Daniel, and equally unsure of what is real.

Goa’uld + Goa’uld queen = lots of squirmy, baby Goa’ulds.
Goa’ulds mating while infesting a host = a Harcesis.
I would not be surprised if there are Stargate fans who have detailed how a Harcesis could happen, possibly including detailed diagrams.  But, on the surface, the idea of a Harcesis is a bit of a leap.  Me?  I just accept Harcesis as Stargate canon, and go with it.

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