Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 4, Episode 19

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Episode Rating:  Fair

Commentary by:
Peter DeLuise -- Director
Paul Mullie -- co-Producer, and Writer
Joseph Mallozzi -- co-Producer, and Writer

The commentary is very informative, interesting, and entertaining.  Lots of behind the scene information.  Mr. DeLuise keeps the commentary on point with what is on screen.

O’Neill and Teal’c are sent off-world to determine if the location is suitable for a permanent research station.  Carter is giving a lecture at the Air Force Academy.  Daniel is off-world with SG-11.  O’Neill is not excited by his assignment because he has to interact with a group of civilian scientists.  Carter is intrigued by a female cadet, name Hailey, who is very intelligent, and perpetually seems on the verge of beating the crap out of everyone she meets.  O’Neill tries to ignore the scientists.  Carter mentors the sour cadet.  Daniel is absent from this episode.

Eventually, O’Neill and Carter’s stories cross paths.  O’Neill’s plotline is military versus scientists, without anything fresh in the presentation.  It is pretty much the cliche of the high school jocks and nerds disrespecting each other, but without swirlies.

Back on Earth, Carter tries to break through Hailey's belligerence.  When the cadet is on the verge of being kicked out of the academy, Carter intercedes on her behalf, and takes her through the stargate to O’Neill’s location.  A previously undiscovered threat emerges at the off-world location.  O’Neill bickers with the scientists, while Carter and Hailey argue about scientific hypotheses.  Eventually, the episode ends.

General Ryan, then Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, appears as himself in this episode.  Tapping provides the best performance of the regular cast members in the episode.  Elisabeth Rosen portrays the cadet, Hailey.  Ms. Rosen’s acting is good, however her choices focus on the character’s crankiness, rather than her being the smartest person currently at the Air Force Academy.  Hailey is supposed to be a frustrated genius moreso than a bellicose pugilist.  Unfortunately, in this episode Hailey is all about being irritated and surly, which makes her an unsympathetic, rather annoying, character.

Overall, an unremarkable take on the military versus science cliche.  Why Carter felt the need to stick her neck out for Hailey is never clear.  There was some insinuation in this episode that Carter acted the same as Hailey when Carter was a cadet.  However, nothing in Carter’s behavior up to now in the series hinted that she was so obnoxious, and belligerent, as a cadet.  So, I don’t buy that premise for Carter's actions.

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