Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stargate SG-1, Season 4, Episode 14

"The Serpent's Venom"
images used above are courtesy of Gateworld and MGM

Episode Rating:  Excellent

Commentary by:
Martin Wood -- Director
Jim Menard -- Director of Photography
James Tichenor -- Visual Effects Supervisor

The commentary is very informative, and interesting.  Lots of behind the scene information.  The commentary stays on point with what is on screen.

Teal’c is on Chulak recruiting Jaffa for the rebellion against the Goa’uld.  However, the meeting is a trap.  Teal’c is taken prisoner by Jaffa loyal to the Goa’uld.  Folks at SGC think that Teal’c is still attending a series of rebel Jaffa meetings, and are not aware of his predicament.

Back at SGC, the Tok’ra send a message to Jacob/Selmak ("Seth"), who is visiting folks on Earth.  Apophis (last seen in “The Devil You Know”) is persona non grata with the Goa’uld System Lords.  The Goa’uld Heru’ur  (“Secrets”) is aligned with the System Lords, however, he is making a backdoor deal with Apophis.  The two control the largest armies.  Together, they could overwhelm the System Lords.  Should that happen the Tok’ra think that Apophis would then destroy Heru’ur, leaving himself as the sole ruler of the Goa’uld empire -- a nightmare scenario for the Tok’ra, and the rest of the galaxy.  The Tok’ra intend to sabotage Heru’ur and Apophis’ meeting, eliminating the possibility of a merger between the two of them.  The plan requires Daniel’s expertise in ancient languages.  SG-1 accompanies Jacob/Selmak on the mission to stop the alliance.

While this is happening on Earth, Teal’c is taken to Heru’ur’s ship.  There, the Goa’uld Terok tortures Teal’c in order to break down, and humiliate, the figurehead of the Jaffa rebellion.  Terok is a nasty bit of work, who regularly gives in to the sadistic side of the Force.  Unaware of Teal’c’s plight, SG-1 takes a dangerous gamble to initiate a war between two very powerful Goa’ulds.

The story begins in a small tent, and ends in the vastness of space.  Teal’c and SG-1’s storylines are concurrent, intersecting with each other at the end.  This episode is an excellent combination of suspense, and action.  Carmen Argenziano returns as Jacob/Selmak.


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