Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SG-1 Season Three At a Glance

My rating for each episode in season three.

Episode 1: Into the Fire - Excellent
Episode 2: Seth - Good
Episode 3: Fair Game - Excellent
Episode 4: Legacy - Good
Episode 5: Learning Curve - Fair
Episode 6: Point of View - Excellent
Episode 7: Deadman Switch - Excellent
Episode 8: Demons - Poor
Episode 9: Rules of Engagement - Fair
Episode 10: Forever in a Day - Excellent
Episode 11: Past and Present - Excellent
Episode 12: Jolinar's Memories - Good
Episode 13: The Devil You Know - Very Good
Episode 14: Foothold - Excellent
Episode 15: Pretense - Good
Episode 16: Urgo - Fair
Episode 17: A Hundred Days - Fair
Episode 18: Shades of Grey - Good
Episode 19: New Ground - Good
Episode 20: Maternal Instinct - Good
Episode 21: Crystal Skull - Excellent
Episode 22: Nemesis -Excellent

Season 3 begins, and ends, with exciting, imaginative episodes.  There are a number of Good to Excellent episodes, however some lose enjoyment value after the first viewing.  The suspense, and secrets, of the story carry such episodes.

I think the last two episodes of season three are where Stargate SG-1 hits its stride, and finds its zone -- that sweet spot with the perfect balance of character growth, and change, spiced with just the right amount of action.  From now through the end of season eight *, the show rarely deviates from its course.  It does not become boring, stale, or stagnant.  It changes with the passage of time, bringing the viewer on the journey right along with SG-1.

* Seasons nine and ten are enjoyable as well, just with a different story arc, and a change in cast.

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